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Our Mission

With over 30 years of cleaning and janitorial service experience, Altamira Maintenance Janitorial Ltd. is devoted to providing quality services that will make your workplace safer.


As the best Toronto Cleaning Company, Altamira Maintenance is committed to providing the highest quality cleaning service available by exceeding the expectations of our clients, as well as their employees and visitors to their premises or facilities.

Commercial Cleaning

Altamira Maintenance Cleaning Services provide a quality cleaning service in the Greater Toronto Area for the commercial sector including: Offices, Hotels, Banks, Factorys, Hospitals, & School

Industrial Cleaning

Altamira Maintenance Cleaning Services offer a complete and professional industrial cleaning service non-dependent of size. Our cleaning will ensure all employees are safe and comfortable in their environment

Restaurant Cleaning

Altamira Maintenance offers a wide range of Restaurant Cleaning Services, including the maintenance of bathrooms, kitchens, and all other worries 


Our Team

Altamira Maintenance has a team working around the clock to make sure all your needs are satisfied. Our team consists of the following: General, Office, and Operations Managers, Customer Relations, and Field supervisors. Along with many trained professional cleaners. 

About Us

Altamira Maintenance has the pleasure of being one of Toronto’s best ranked cleaning services. Our 30 years of satisfying experience is what makes us the leading cleaning company of Toronto.


Altamira Maintenance is a large family and sharing what we do best is a joy to us!


Trusted by

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Recieve a FREE consultation!

For a free consultation please call: (416) 762-9982 OR click the button below


Quality Experience 

Altamira Maintenance has a top priority of achieving total customer satisfaction. This is maintained by our team 


Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Our team at Altamira Maintenance will ensure that all your needs are met and guarantee 100% Satisfaction.


Best Choice 

Altamira Maintenance has been trusted as the leading Toronto's cleaning service company.



With over 30 years of experience, Altamira Maintenance has built a reputation that is trusted by many.

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